Spacesicle’s Website Building Protocol


Good websites don’t come out of thin air, there’s an ‘art’ to it 

Building a website isn’t any different from building an ice-cream shop. A pretty cup of ice-cream doesn’t mean it tastes good. A competent enough designer can create a pleasing looking site. At Spacesicle, we know functional websites can also look good and most importantly, clients have reason to believe in the importance of one. 


1. Find a location 

This means your domain host and address. Read up on the hosting service policies and what it covers  and know the laws and regulations of the cyber world. 


2. Have a business model (USP) 

You want to walk into an ice-cream shop and immediately know whether they’re known for gelato or sorbet. Your website needs to be clear on highlighting what stands out to compel buyers from going to another business. Keep your business model simple so that it is easy for people to decide what they want. You can have a signature product / service for customers to easily associate you with that. 


3. Who are your target markets? 

Like how kids feel certain ice-cream calls out to them, so does your website need a language, look and usability for the largest group of audience. It is unlikely for you to sell a ginger flavoured ice-cream if your buyers are kids. By knowing the majority of your audience, you can tailor content with language that speaks to them on various platforms. 


4. Content 

It takes many hands and minds to build an ice-cream shop: 

Web Developer – Head ice-cream creator who comes up with the shop’s fundamental structure.

Web Designer -Shop manager who looks into how the site is best designed for usability and flow. 

User Interaction / Experience (UI / UX) – Ice-cream Chief Relation Officer who oversees customers’ experience. 

Copywriter – puts words to make people reach out for your ice-cream. 


5. Website Continuity Plan (Strategic & Creative marketing)

We recommend clients to project a 1-year, 3-year or 5-year plan into their strategic and creative marketing. This enables us to tailor the site’s design, UI/UX, content to match the evolution of the plan and reminds us to keep track of industry’s trends so that we can tweak the site accordingly. 

Although many clients say they need a website “just to have a presence on the Internet”, we always try to help them see a bigger picture on a website’s potential. A website done right can be an anchor for your business digital marketing strategies, acting as a brand guide when you are ready to explore other digital marketing channels. 

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