Business strategy…and Ice Cream?


Because having an ice-cream one is not the same as running an ice-cream shop. 

Yeah, it is a business article but it doesn’t have to be boring. Since we can agree on ice-cream, let us take it from that perspective. Before we do digital marketing for any business, we start by understanding the business and its strategy. Often, we spot key missing pieces and get engaged for business consulting too! 


1. Ice-cream business is not hard

These businesses come into existence because opening a business looks easy and it is only a small business. Unfortunately that is one of the biggest reasons why small businesses fail – a lack of purpose. Having a purpose to exist is essential for sustainability and growth, otherwise the business melts (fast!)

2. Unique Selling Point (USP)

Even if you’re selling only 10 flavours of ice-cream, you need a plan. Many local shops have poor or worst, no plans before opening up. Do you have an USP? Are people coming in for your comforting flavours / premium ingredients / service differentiation / funky decor / fancy flavours? We’ve spoken to enough people to realise they never put down their USP,  trying to be everything to everyone until they burn out of business. 

3. Internal management 

Another issue in local stores is internal management especially those running a family business. This generally creates many internal conflicts that often spread to the work environment making it toxic for any chance of growth. As there was no plan to begin with, there is also no proper training for workers and as such, staff are equally at a loss.

4. The identity trap

Most stores also never update their ice-cream menu, believing that is their identity and people ought to accept them as they are since it has worked for years. This mindset is also often reflected in the physical space and processes. It’s akin to being locked in a cage with the key to escape in a pocket but never wanting to / realising the key is right there. Unfortunately, this is something Spacesicle can only help business with when they decide that change doesn’t mean losing themselves but an evolution of their identity.


Of course, scenarios depicted here isn’t about ice-cream stores but a systemic issue in local businesses, more apparent than we’d like to admit. Thus, our job of digital marketing starts with business evaluation,  creating a blueprint by interpreting their available data, then formulating a strategic digital marketing plan.  

If you’ve found yourself reading thus far and nodding in agreement, this may be something to lead your business direction and we’d be a proud partner! No matter the space or time, we can talk.