Yours and Ours

At Spacesicle, we make work fun! Come in for a different work environment, to collaborate and get the creative juices flowing!


Spacesicle’s aim is to develop a team of experts, working digitally to deliver campaigns with time and budget efficiencies. Although our Independent Contractors wield their skills from across the world, a Project Manager will be your single-point-of-contact to streamline the process.

Space - yours and ours


Project Manager

When not spoiling Pumpkin the pup, Gabe is the sharp general applying Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” principles to gain strategic business advantages. He is also Sylvania’s (Ohio) go-to tech guy at Spacebar, and is able to diagnose a computer’s issue below 60 seconds with 98% accuracy. Work aside, Gabe is an active participant in community initiatives, and unwinds by cooking though he might be too inclined to slap Vegemite on anything he can!


UI/UX Designer

He’s the guy who talks about designing interactions between humans and a computer system. By day, Kelvin is a digital product designer and by night a freelancer in User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design with experience in graphic design, motion graphics, web design and photography. When not busy working, he can be found doting on his dogs, Mochi and Tofu.

The Space of Spacesicle offers you almost anything you’d want from a workstation

  • Your own secure & private workspace
  • Your own Wi-Fi access
  • Grab a beverage from the siclebar slide to freshen up
  • A personal barista making coffee from fresh ground beans
  • A private access code to have the place to yourself for meetings
  • Online scheduling
  • Your own storage locker



While not a huge animal fan, Yune identifies with a chameleon in writing – switching to different styles as the communication channel demands. She always tries to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple & stupid/straight) with her words in work but is prone to be over-the-top when experimenting in the kitchen. She loves trawling cities solo, people watching, taking public transport and discovering efficient travel routes.



Nobody wants to watch a drawling video. That’s why we have Joshua, fluent in filmmaking – from camera operations, cinematography to video editing for producing a compelling story. He enjoys tabletop gaming and dabbles in podcasting; perhaps you might even catch a ‘woof’ or ‘meow’ from his dogs and cat within the stream! “Keeping it tidy and getting-chores-done-before-playtime” is his productivity goal.


Web Developer

Say “Haiyahhhh!” to our web development ninja skilled in HTML, CSS, Javascript and WordPress. We reckon Marcus is training to be a real-life ninja too as he practices martial arts in his free time and contrastingly, has a soft spot for his Chihuahua. He’s also a movies and Netflix kinda guy so ask him about (almost) anything on-screen or perhaps send him a request to a Karaoke duet?

Why us

We sure you know the merits of digital marketing, that is why you are here.

You have strategies in mind and you are finding the right partner to give the campaign ‘lift-off’ with our specific skill sets.

Or you’re feeling the push towards digital marketing but facing resistance and uncertainty? Precisely why Spacesicle exists. We will be with you from the point of consultation until execution (and thereafter if needed!) and hopefully win you over with this unstoppable marketing trend.




May 13, 2020



About Us

Ah, Spacesicle has landed, aiming to bring your brand to meteoric success.

1 - Stuff

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Additional features

  • In-house tech support
  • Project assistance in digital marketing
  • Streaming services (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO etc)
  • Editable calendar (size and colour)
  • Seasonal tea ceremonies are available by request

2 - Chill

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3 - Space

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5687 Main St, Sylvania, OH 43560, USA

+1 419-517-1313