Fun Facts?


  • 35% of businesses in the chamber of commerce do not have a website*
  • More than 10 businesses have websites dated more than 10 years old*
  • Only 19.5% of businesses have an updated website*
  • About 20 businesses have websites that are not secured and opened to hacking*
  • Only 5% of local retailers have eCommerce built-into their website*


There are numerous digital marketing tools out there but a website is fundamental, especially in these digital times. Where the new directory is search engines. Sure, there is the ‘word-of-mouth’ camp, which we do not deny.  Suffice to say, Covid-19 has shown us the importance of the Internet in managing life, and the opportunity it offered businesses that were quick to capitalise and tweak its operations to fill the customers’ needs.

Having said that, there are businesses who have yet to evolve. The Internet seems too daunting? Too complex and incomprehensible? Maybe they haven’t met Spacesicle, because we aim to ensure our clients truly understand the reasons behind our website and digital marketing proposals. There are business owners who are unaware about how a website affects their branding and business but we believe what you show the world makes a difference in the customers’ belief and decisions.

If you believe a good looking and functional website can open up your business to the world, talk to us

*figures quoted here are lifted from the Sylvania, Ohio area only and do not represent global numbers.